Hire Purchase Car Finance Explained

With Hire Purchase financing, you pay the finance over a period of time, making the purchase affordable in the long term by spreading your payments on a monthly basis over the term and this also means the vehicle is yours to keep once you pay the final instalment. You may wish to pay a deposit at the start to help you lower the monthly amount, but a deposit isn’t always necessary.

Our dedicated experts are on hand to help you secure no deposit car finance Hire Purchase now. We have extensive knowledge of the market and work with a large panel of lenders to ensure that we can source a deal that best suits your individual circumstances.

Hire Purchase – sometimes called just HP finance – is a specific form of car financing which allows you to pay for your car in monthly instalments.

Bad Credit & Hire Purchase

For many people thinking about car finance, bad credit can be a concern. The truth is that lots of drivers can get finance arrangements for a new or used car even if they haven’t got a strong credit history or a large deposit. Hire Purchase is one of the more popular options for those who find themselves in this situation. When you are looking for a Hire Purchase agreement for a car, bad credit can be catered for as long as you can find the right lender.

There are lots of reasons why you might have bad credit. Whatever your situation, get in touch with our team and let us see how we can help. It’s more than likely that we will have worked with drivers in a similar situation before, and we will therefore be in a very strong position to give you the best possible chance of getting a Hire Purchase deal that works for you.

If you have bad credit, Hire Purchase can therefore be one of the best options for financing your new car. If you don’t mind not owning your car outright while you make your payments, a Hire Purchase option can also be a good way to secure the vehicle you want and improve your credit score over time.

Once you’ve got your car, all you need to do is make sure you keep up with your monthly payments. At the end of the contract term, you will have paid off the full price of the vehicle and it’ll be yours to keep.

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